Saturday, June 12, 2010

Two American soccer players are Jewish and do we really care?

Of course, a Zionist, Jewish, state can only be "racist", in the broader sense of the world, by definition. Nevertheless, the Israeli press never fails to amaze me and there I was today reading an article in 'Haaretz' which informed me that: "Two Jewish soccer players from Southern California are on the U.S. team facing England during America’s first World Cup match, in Rustenburg, South Africa, on June 12." Of course, we are left to wonder what the point exactly is that 'Haaretz' is trying to make although when we go to the original story, from an Emily Cohen, in the 'Jewish Journal' we are told extensively how proud they both are to be Jewish, while one of the players close relationship with his paternal grandfather, who fled Austria in 1938 to avoid Nazi persecution, has strongly affected his identity as a Jew and his connection with Judaism. Yes, a very "interesting" little story, indeed, the point of which is, is what?

Well, it is all about Jewish identity and that links to Israel as a Jewish state and should you want justification for that state then "Nazi persecuation" and the holocaust is not going to be too far away. Interesting how the biographies of two American soccer players can help facilitate the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, an illegal occupation and the slaughter of men, women and children. What a farce!

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