Thursday, June 3, 2010

The world expresses outrage, Israel isolates itself and we get some blah, blah, blah from the hype man

The press in Israel moves into the realms of real reality denial and we can read that "Netanyahu may ease the Gaza siege". The siege, the blockade, is illegal and there really is a lot of "illegal" that these people don't understand. They actually think that they are in a postition to do favours. In the meantime, 'Al Jazeera' writes that, "South Africa has recalled its ambassador to Israel amid continuing diplomatic anger over Israel's deadly attack on humanitarian aid ships bound for Gaza." While, the Turkish president,  Abdullah Gul says, "The raid "is not an issue that can be forgotten... or be covered up... Turkey will never forgive this attack." 

Countries withdrawing their ambassadors, a once major ally in the Middle East proclaiming that it will never forgive Israel. We might not have reached the end game yet, but the nature of the game has already changed and one wonders just how long Obama will manage to maintain his the "incident was tragic but it should be used to propel Mideast peace" drivel for the band might still be playing believe it if you like, but increasingly very few people actually believe it or want to. 

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