Saturday, July 24, 2010

Musings from Liverpool

The sun is sort of shining in Liverpool. At least enough to induce some of the locals to don their bermudas and t-shirts. It is a good morning, a morning peppered by positive little discoveries; the cafe 'Scoff' on Bold Street has an excellent free wireless connection; my speedtest tells me that it is approximately 11.2 mb download, which is the fastest I have found in the U.K., the skype call with Germany was hunky-dory, the Americano good and inexpensive, the background music not too loud and to my tastes. Moreover, a discovery has been made.

My online staff access to Liverpool University includes complete access to their "ebrary" and what a "little" treasure that is, albeit one which might tempt me to get bogged down in some sort of irrelevant information overload. Not to worry, not to worry, Kenneth W Stein's, "Heroic Diplomacy: Sadat, Kissinger, Carter Begin and the Quest for Arab-Israeli Peace" and similar shit will be avoided like the plague, I will stay focused. After all if it is Dershowitz, Stein and et al of a similar ilk that I wanted, there would be no need to look at the long winded version. It is available, of course, in abbreviated form in the mainstream media. Masha Nur's 'Imperial Israel and the Palestinians' looks as if it might be a good read.

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