Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tony Blair, Paul Kagame and murder and lies

The British are doing very well for themselves down in Rwanda where, we are told, Tony Blair, advises his friend Paul Kagame. Of course, Tony like Paul is a hypocritical mass murderer with only one subtle difference, which is that Paul probably realises this, while I am beginning to suspect that Tony might even have convinced himself that he actually saved lives.

Fortunately, Tony is out of the "firing line", more or less and his mischief is now largerly confined to being an apologist for US and Israeli policies in the Middle East through his fake sinecure of Middle East envoy for the US, EU, UN and Russia, turning up giving speeches for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, and promoting his own and British interests in Africa, where he counts Paul Kagame among his friends and it is to Rwanda that we turn where, with Andre Kagwa Rwisereka, vice-president of the Democratic Green party, being murdered only some three weeks after Jean Leonard Rugambage, acting editor of the Umuvugizi newspaper was found dead, we might suspect that all is not as well down in Kigali as Tony and his friends would like us to believe.

Of course, the Rwandan government is denying any involvement. However, to be honest, Paul shouldn't worry about Tony wanting to stop being his mate, even if Tony suspected that murder had been committed and lies were being told. After all, Tony is a statesman and he knows that statesmen just have to get away with murder sometimes and that lying is .... well, really it is quite natural.

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