Monday, August 23, 2010

Light at the end of the "orwellian tunnel"

On doing some bottom up processing on the allegations of rape against Julian Assange, it was with interest that the naiveté of one particular blogger on one particular issue caught my attention. Therefore, although generally speaking that blogger's sentiments and leanings are also my own, it is that particular issue which I would like to briefly discuss.

Nicholas John Mead writes; "the fact is that WikiLeaks is bigger than Assange as he I’m sure would be the first to admit. It, and other projects like it, cannot be stopped. It’s like Chavez in Venezuela – even if the CIA assassinated him now, it’s too late to stop the popular revolution he’s unleashed and the same goes for the spirit of exposing abuses of power that WikiLeaks has ushered in since the corporate mainstream media are utterly impotent and unwilling to do so." Well, Nicholas unfortunately while that scenario does offer us some solace in these orwellian times, the suspicion, nevertheless, is that not only an American backed coup d'etat against Chavez but also the prospect of Wikileaks being rendered ineffective along with Assange being "removed" by hook or by crook, is really quite plausible.

Indeed, the very fact that both are possible means that it is all the more important for so-called liberal-left newspapers, such as the 'Guardian', to take heed of John Pilger's words when he writes: "Having skilfully published the WikiLeaks exposé of a fraudulent war, the Guardian should now give its most powerful and unreserved editorial support to the protection of Assange and his colleagues, whose truth-telling is as important as any in my lifetime." Or, in other words, if at least part of the mainstream press, were to support real investigative journalists and journalism come what may, it would indeed be much more difficult for "them" to gag Julian Assange or, indeed, topple governments on a whim. Moreover, there might be a glimmer of light for all of us at the end of this rather long "orwellian tunnel".

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