Sunday, September 12, 2010

No need to be fair when you can be "halfway fair" and get everything

'Haaretz' reports today that the IDF has killed three Palestinians who, they say, were "approaching the border between Israel and Gaza." The incident took place shortly after "Gaza militants fired three mortar shells at the northern Negev."

As we might expect, their were no casualties from the mortars fired into the northern Negev desert, the three dead Palestinians were not so-called "militants" but innocent farmers and once again we have cold blooded murder being displayed as some sort of reasonable response to what the Israelis would term a "terrorist attack".

Just another story which illustrates the true nature to the "two sides to the conflict" and  with Abbas and Netanyahu meeting in Washington and with the 'Guardian' portraying Obama back on the 2nd of September as some sort of honest broker in these talks we might want to read the gobbledegook written in the paper's editorial on the chances of the talks being successful.  "In the end it depends on what Obama can do. It is not only a question of whether he has the will and is ready to risk the political capital needed to push the parties to a settlement. It is whether he has the will to push for a settlement that is fair, or at least halfway fair, to the Palestinians."A settlement that is "at least halfway fair, to the Palestinians." Now, "half way fair" really does remind me of that little trick question which asks: "If it takes four men an hour to dig a hole, how long will it take two men to dig half a hole?" Of course, there is no such thing as half a hole and similarly there is no such thing as being "halfway fair".

Of course, there at those who might want to suggest that I temper my ranting and raving, after all with those crazy militants firing shells into the empty desert, the bully boys from the IDF could have quite easily killed six palestinians and not three. The mind boggles and in applying the deranged logic that the 'Guardian' would appear to subscribe to the term "halfway fair" might not be so absurd after all. At least, not in this "two sides to the conflict" orwellian world in which we live.

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