Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The system just doesn't work

With some 25% of those with 'A' levels having no university place, we might conclude that GB Ltd can no longer educate its own. 25% and that would appear to be the percentage of foreign students that many of the country's institutes of higher education are aiming at. Foreign students fees are much higher but that is not the reason that you will get from the universities. No, you will hear how "in a globally connected world, it is important to increase the international profile of the university." or "values have to be shared". Of course, you might occasionally hear something else but you will never hear that it is about the money.

Still, the "Blighty Boys" are not all stupid and there was me being awoken by some drunken "received pronunciation" English fresher at three o'clock in the morning telling a Chinese student in no uncertain terms, "how dare you tell me to keep quiet, you flood this country with your shoddy goods, you take our university places, how dare you." Yes, there are a few indications out to suggest that this little experiment in survival might just backfire. However, what do you do when there are no more ships being built, when government cuts are already gnawing at your city's largest employer, when billions are thrown at the banks so that they can rip you off again and when the media actually has everyone believing that they now have to pay for living beyond their means?

No, the system just does not work and believe me folks it will soon be turning to the loud mouth jingoistic louts, which the lad who woke me up has already metomorphosed into, the bevy boys,  the 'Daily Mail' "stop the foreigners" crowd, just to prolong its existence and when it is time to realise it, only the more perceptive among us will realise "hey this isn't liberal democracy, this is fascism"; but hey, who told you that capitalism needed liberal democracy?

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