Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bomb scare

We might never know the truth behind "the explosive devices found on US bound planes" even if Obama says that the threat is "credible". Well, lots of things are credible and even if we are looking at "the one percent doctrine",  "credible" is "credible" and, with another article in today's 'Guardian' telling us that the "Yemen bomb scare 'mastermind' lived in London" we can only speculate on the latest range of opportunities that have just opened up for "big brother" 'Blighty'.

No, surprises there but itsn't it amazing how the mainstream press plays along with this rubbish. "Mastermind" ..... well, happily to say, if this was the work of a "mastermind", then we are discussing a pretty hopeless "mastermind" who failed miserably to achieve his goal of death and destruction and if it is "masterminds" we are looking for then surely we need look no further than those "brilliant" minds behind the mass murder of millions in the Middle East and elsewhere. Yes, we might never know the truth behind the Yemen bomb scare but who knows this might be just another piece of genius made in Washington. Of course, most certainly there won't be many serious investigative journalists who will be allowed to pursue that theory and if there are, they most certainly will not be given access to any sources which might support their thesis.

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