Thursday, October 14, 2010

Did Netanyahu predict Chile mine collapse

Well, they really do like to get in on the act, divert your attention, pat their own on the back. Nevertheless, why 'Haaretz' chooses to publish this particular piece of no news, is still beyond me. The paper reports: "On Wednesday, the Prime Minister's Office announced that Netanyahu himself had predicted the collapse of the Chilean copper and gold mine, where 33 miners had been trapped for 69 days until their ultimate rescue." Now, isn't it strange that we hadn't heard of this remarkable instance of clairvoyance before the event became world news?

Still, no need to doubt Netanyahu's psychic powers, after all, this is the man who can foresee an Israel which might include all of modern-day Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and Lebanon as well as large parts of Syria, Jordan and Egypt. There is no historical inevitability, nevertheless, we should be careful as shit does happen and if there is anything to be learned from the collapse of the Chilean mine, it is that we should take the proper safety precautions. Otherewise, we might just wake up one morning to our gifted psychics telling us that they have a right to be in Beruit because God gave it to them. 

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