Saturday, November 20, 2010

The "bomb"

The evidence does more than just suggest their involvement in countless illegal covert operations which resulted in democratically elected governments being toppled and democratically elected leaders and thousands to hundreds of thousands of civilians being murdered. No, although the jury is still out on 9/11 and the Lockerbie bombing and while they are still to be held accountable for their illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the fabricated "evidence" used to justify those wars, academic caution can be thrown out of the window when it comes to Lumumba in the Congo, Ghana's Nkrumah, Allende in Chile and countless others. Yes, Washington does not only commit  crimes against humanity but indeed, even when caught in flagranti, it also has the chutzpah to either deny everything or at least try to tell us why those crimes were necessary.

The "bomb" in Namibia wasn't, as I suggested yesterday a laptop after all and it now appears that it was a laptop case with a dummy inside. Now, who put it there and why they put it there, we don't know. However, we might suspect that we are getting information from somewhere that we are just not supposed to get and we might also have reason to believe that the people responsible for this outbreak of truth could be stepping on the CIA's toes. Of course, this is speculation and even if it were to answer the "who done it?",  it still doesn't tell us why they did it. Furthermore, not even the fact that the dummy was constructed by a company in California, which makes its own little idiomatic bomb from the "war on terror", can answer that question.

Nevertheless, we do get closer to an answer, when we consider that the Süddeutsche Zeitung yesterday was still establishing a connection between the "bomb" and the Somali Islamist group al-Shabab even as the news that it was a dummy was already coming through. Yes, we might speculate as to what they next have in store for Somalia. Moreover, of more direct relevance to Germany is, farce or not, contrived or whatever, what we already have is an atmosphere being facilitated in which Thomas de Maiziére's warning from two days ago does not seem misplaced and an atmosphere in which the decision of the German Constitutional Court on storing private data can be revised. Yes, it is very likely that German surveillance and security firms to already be rubbing their hands with glee here and we can at least expect private data protection laws in Germany to be brought into line with those in the US and the UK,

Of course, this is exactly what is wanted in Washington and if dummy bombs doesn't keep the Germans firmly on board when it comes to establishing a clear and present danger, tightening security, encroaching on its citizens' private sphere, Uncle Sam" might just have another couple of irons in the fire, which means, of course, that we should be grateful for "small" mercies. After all, a dummy bomb in Namibia is much preferable to a real one in Berlin or Munich. Yes, we should be grateful as events past and present all over the planet shows us what they are capable of.  It just might be that the next "bomb" made in America, might very well be a real one and maybe, just maybe, they are already perversely planning to take their "war on terror" to the next level. Of course, if that happens they won't even need to deny anything. After all, we will all be shocked into the realisation that it is the "war on terror" that has to fought even if that means subverting the truth. A truly frightening scenario, perhaps, ..... but it is already happening.

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