Monday, December 13, 2010

Soldier wounded on Gaza border was shot by friendly fire

Two Palestinians were shot dead while, according to official Israeli sources, "crawling toward the Gaza border fence". One IDF soldier was wounded. Originally, the news was that the soldier was wounded and the Palestinian "militants" were killed in an exchange of gunfire. Now, we have the news, again from official Israeli sources, that the IDF soldier was, in fact, wounded by friendly fire.

Nevertheless, the original contention that the Palestinians were armed and that the soldiers were also attacked with mortar fire and sniper fire has not been retracted. Therefore, we had two supposedly armed Palestinians exchanging fire with IDF soldiers, while those same soldiers were also attacked with mortar fire and sniper fire from other Palestinians, yet, despite this aggression by a group of "armed to the teeth terrorists" what we have are two dead Palestinians and one Israeli wounded by friendly fire.

Just another piece of news from official Israeli sources during a week in which, according to those same sources, there has been an increase in the number of incidents on the border. In other words, while academic caution is always advisable, we might assume that a number of unarmed Palestinians have been murdered in Gaza in the past seven days.

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