Saturday, December 4, 2010


BBC World today and there was the anchorman reacting to Wikileaks revelation that the Americans are unhappy with Karsai by saying that "our man in Kabul"  must, nevertheless, be doing something right. "After all, he is still there," we are told. Marvelous how the mainstream media is capable of using invaluable source material.

He must be doing something right, because "he is still there." What a ridiculous conclusion and following that logic George W Bush, must have done something right, after all he was in office for eight years and Joe Stalin .... well, he must have done just about everything right, after all ...... and even Adolf couldn't have got it all wrong, after all, he did manage to hold on to power for twelve years. Yes, the man with the nice shawls might be hanging on to power but believe me, he is not doing very much right and it would be nice if, among other things, the mainstream media turned its attention to analysing the data that is being provided and came up with some real journalism. Instead, we have a spate of discussions on what people think about the leaks and about the possible political implications of those leaks.

And so back to Wikileaks ..... well the providers that have been hosting the website have been cancelling their hosting services one by one and the Wikileaks crew are probably now running around like chickens with their heads chopped off to get the disclosures onto their own website. Still, it is still all out there and if  you want to go to the Wikileaks website to access the documents and study them yourself and bypass the sometimes irrelevant comments from the 'Guardian' and other mainstream media on what the implications of documents are or could be just click on Wikileaks and, who knows, you might come to some conclusions of your own.  There are some very big criminals within our midsts.

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