Friday, January 28, 2011

Change in Egypt?

Interesting how essentially little coverage there is of the turmoil in Egypt in a certain Bernhard-Henry Levy's ".... only free society in the Mideast." Now don't get me wrong, there is coverage ... but anything substantial? Well, maybe they know something we don't and with El Baradei arriving on the ground, what are the odds against Washington nipping the Muslim Brotherhood in the bud. Anyway, Hillary Clinton is concerned about the use of violence against protesters and calls for restraint on both sides. Of course, no attempt on Washington's part to restrain Hosni Mubarek's secret police torturing for decades.

The hypocrisy is incredible and back in the "... only free society in the Mideast" we have more comments in 'Haaretz' justifying the murder of a Palestinian in the Occupied Territories after settlers opened fire in a West Bank village than we do on the revolutionary events next door.Might just be that the boys behind the scenes in Washington and Jerusalem have got it all under control. We might expect Mubarek to resign, to be replaced by someone who enjoys a vague popularity, the promise of democratic elections and won't it be interesting to watch the reaction from the ".... only free society in the Mideast" if the Muslim Brotherhood win those? Well, interesting hardly and we only have to look at Gaza to predict the reaction.

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