Sunday, March 27, 2011

Goebbels to teach Jews in Warsaw Ghetto history of German persecution by Mongols

It is really only when we look to Israel that any need to synthesize becomes absurd and it becomes all too apparent that the existence of the Zionist state, "our" oxymoron Jewish "democracy" epitomizes that absurdity. There really are no two sides to the so-called conflict and so it is left to the ethnic cleansers to manufacture them and what about the following for their latest effort to create substance to their "argument". The United Nations has launched a new plan to teach the Holocaust in Gaza schools .... and we do not need to be a Sherlock Homes to deduce who got UN to do that, do we?

Isn't it a bit like a "chip on the shoulder" American redneck wanting to tell some Afghan villagers of the horrors of 9/11, while hoping that the said villagers might then be convinced of the necessity of their houses being bombed? Of course, there is an alternative and what about teaching Israeli children the real lesson to be learned from the holocaust? Namely, that ethnic cleansing, and persecution of another people, is morally wrong and can never be morally justified. Methinks, that until that happens Palestinians really don't have any need to learn about the holocaust. After all, they have one of their own and it is still on-going. Nevertheless, if you redneck analogy isn't enough to tell you how absurd this really is, then it might be worth pointing out the the title on Norman Finkelstein introduced the article with: "Goebbels to teach Jews in Warsaw Ghetto history of German persecution by Mongols." Not too sure if the Mongols actually persecuted the Germans, still .... get the point?

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