Friday, October 14, 2011

Iran and the manufacturing of consent

After a point perservering with analysing  the gobbledegook that we are confronted with becomes pointless. The 'Independent' reported on wednesday:
"The US has accused Iran of a "flagrant" violation of international law after claiming the government in Tehran was involved in a plan to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Washington in what officials called a "deadly murder plot."
... and the 'Guardian' informs us today:
"The United States will apply the "toughest sanctions" to further isolate Iran over the alleged plan to murder the Saudi ambassador to Washington, Barack Obama said on Thursday, despite growing scepticism over the amateurish nature of the plot and the apparently shambolic background of the main suspect."

Why even give thought to this drivel and it really does suffice to ask simply why would the Iranian government plan a plot which, if it succeeded, could very well result in its own overthrow?  On the other hand, as Duncan McFarlane quite rightly points out:
"The US, Israeli and Saudi governments by contrast have everything to gain from making this scenario up ; control  of the second largest oil reserves in the world ;  eliminating a rival for influence in the Middle East; and a distraction from domestic economic problems." 

That is analysis enough and, while the hope should be that the latest garbage to come out of Washington is condemned as mind-boggling, mediocre, moronic machiavellianism, we can unfortunately rest assured that the myopic millions will continue to be influenced by a mainstream media that has long since had its raison d’être in manufacturing consent for its political masters.

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