Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Human rights are not a prescription for national suicide"

"Human rights are not a prescription for national suicide,"  wrote Asher Grunis, one of the judges in the Israeli supreme court's 6-5 majority ruling upholding the ban on thousands of Palestinians who are married to Israeli citizens from joining their Israeli-Arab partners.

One is reminded of the Zionist historian Benny Morris who views ethnic cleansing as a necessity in Israel's case and, therefore, not morally reprehensible. Indeed, the decision made by the Israeli supreme court would appear to support Morris's hypothesis that not only was the ethnic cleansing necessary, but that it was "unfortunately" left unfinished and "the Israeli Arabs ar a  time bomb ...... a potential fifth column." Of course, anyone who either believes that human rights should be sacrificed for a mythical national ethos, or that ethnic cleansing might be a necessary evil are inevitably morally bankrupt.

The oxymoron Jewish "democracy", built on ethnic cleansing, while flaunting international law and the human rights of 20% of its population can never have any moral high ground. It is a hypocritical farce and the its pseudo democrats and intellectuals are farcical hypocrites.

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