Friday, February 3, 2012

A dangerous diplomat, a dangerous politician, and a dangerous businessman

 'Haaretz' describes him as, “Not just an ambassador who is jewish, but a jewish ambassador” and there can be nothing wrong with that. At least not in my book; Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist, Buddhist ..... who cares but we might at least expect Britain's ambassador to the Zionist state, Matthew Gould, to have Britain's interests at heart. However, when he says on his appointment that "You cannot do this job without being a passioniate Zionist and is quck to publically reaffirm his commitment to Israel and the principles of Zionism we should really wonder if there might not be a potential conflict of interests here.

Certainly not for Mr Gould who, at an event to raise awareness and support for Kibbutz Eshbal, was "genuinely moved by the inclusive Zionist vision".  For a lesson on just how inclusive Zionism is we might want to direct Mr Gould to Ilan Pappe or Jonathan Cook. Of course, in considering his obvious bias and prejudice and the emotive drivel above we shouldn't expect the British ambassador to find the cognitive engagement that any real academic discourse with Zionism requires. Nevertheless, he would still do well to go to his employer's own website where he can read in the travel advice section:
 Entry Requirements - ...... If you are a British national with a Palestinian name or place of birth but without a Palestinian ID number, you may face problems. Be aware that a number of British nationals of Palestinian origin or British nationals married to Palestinian nationals have been refused entry since May 2006.
We might wonder if the inclusive" vision" mentioned above could see Mr Gould trying to stop this sort of racial prejudice against British citizens.

However, what is more worrying than his toleration of discrimination against a particular group of British citizens  are the meetings Gould had with the then Minister of Defence Liam Fox and the Minister's close friend, Adam Werritty. All the more so considering the latters links to both the arms industry  and Israel with the 'Independent' reporting on the 16th October 2011that "Mr Werritty was so highly regarded by Mossad - who thought he was Dr Fox's chief of staff - that he was able to arrange meetings with figures at the highest levels of the Israeli government." 

A raving Zionist ambassador, a businessman with links to the arms industry, the military industrial complex in the United States and the Israeli government, and a British minister, and government, with close links to the American neo-cons. There is, indeed, evidence to suggest that Craig Murray's plot to attack Iran is more than just fanciful thinking and when the British ambassador in Tel Aviv gets to say to his Zionist friends: “My government absolutely agrees with your conception of the Iranian threat and the importance of your determination to battle it.” Dealing with the Iranian threat will be a large part of my work here.” he and "his"government are all too aware of what that "dealing with" actually implies and Mr Werritty gets all giddy at the prospect of the rich pickings in the not too distant future.

Finally, if what has been written seems to involve too much conjecture, the reader should take time to read Craig Murray's posts from today and yesterday in order to garner a more informed opinion..Riveting stuff indeed and should the bombs start falling, we might at least be aware that the war criminals are in the British business community, the political establishment and Civil Service. Among other places, of course.

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