Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The mainstream media and the coming war on Iran

With Yigal Palmor, an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman, neither willing  to discuss who was injured nor the extent of the injuries "because it was a security matter" , we can only speculate as to how bad the injuries sustained by Tal Yehoshua, the 40 year old wife of an Israeli Defence Attache, who herself is a diplomat, were.

Nevertheless, with her not only being conscious yesterday, but also "talking to her family" (ibid), there is no need to assume the worst for her. That might be good news, but that is not how it is going to be reported and already we have the mainstream press moving away from 'Haaretz's', "moderately wounded" from yesterday to today's "critically injured" and having undergone surgery "to remove splinters from her spine and liver."

The media mood swing helps prepare us all for the coming war and not only in Israel. Germany's 'Bild Zeitung' is right up there with 'The Sun' when it comes to quality journalism and, with a circulation of almost four million, it is at least as popular. Today, we had the pictures of the burning car along with a story of a critical Israeli diplomat. We can almost expect a "serves them right" from Otto Normalverbraucher when the bombs fall on Iran. Of course, we might wonder if it officials didn't immediately known "whether the explosion was caused by a bomb", who decided it was and when did they decide?

The picture depicts 'Die Bild Zeitung' reporting "bomb terror and two instances of Israeli diplomats being attacked, the other one was the case of the defused device in Tblissi, with the burning car after the explosion.

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