Thursday, January 8, 2009

And the band played believe it if you like, like, like

With temperatures approaching minus twenty, Winter has arrived in Central Europe, tomorrow I fly to Spain for two months, escaping the cold weather is easy for someone who doesn't ski and has a British passport and a few bob in the bank. Not so easy down in Gaza, borders blocked, children starving to death, if the Israelis don't blow them up first. The zany Zionists appear to have lost the place now; shooting at UN aid trucks, not letting aid workers get to the dead and the dying and a smiling blonde appears on television with the usual drivel and we all have to appreciate that Israel is fighting a war against terrorists and it is all very reminiscent of one of those old vinyl records where the needle gets stuck and the band plays believe it if you like, like, like, like! Don't like, not one iota and the death toll goes over eight hundred but there are two sides to this "conflict" and "Two soldiers were seriously wounded and two were lightly hurt on Thursday when Palestinian terrorists fired several mortar shells at the Eshkol region, in the western Negev."(1) Maybe someone should bring out a single about soldiers being legitimate targets and people who massacre hundreds of civilians being terrorists. Do you think anyone will listen to it?

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