Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Doctors of Spin

Gypsies, Jews, homosexuals, political opponents and anyone else who was singled out by the Nazis for "Sonderbehandlung" (special treatment) invariably found themselves in "Schutzhaft" (protective custody) where they might have been subject to a "Gnadentod" (mercy killing). Still, Nazi newspeak did set itself limits and when Dr Josef Goebbels propogated the "Aufnordung" (increasing the nordic component in the German "race") he did so in his capacity as "Propagandaminister".
In Israel, there is no "Reichministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda" (Ministry for Enlightenment and Propaganda), in their place we have the "government speakers"; the spin doctors who glibly tell us that "collateral damage" cannot be avoided after a rocket fired in a densly populated area has killed scores of women and children, who tell us that resistance to oppression is "terrorism", who moan that they only want peace when they pursue war and once that war is over, there will be "a necessary transfer of population" and not an ethnic cleansing, as "necessary land adjustments that take certain realities into consideration" ensure that the people are moved into tightly controlled bantustans that constitute their "state".
The propaganda ministry might have a different name but the newspeak, does not seduce us, does not convince us. Indeed, the death, destruction and ethnic cleansing that it seeks to hide is as blatant as the murder behind the sign "Arbeit macht frei" (through work you are free) once was and it is not only the men, women and children who have lost a loved one, who have been maimed, who have been held captive in the prisons that are Gaza, the refugee camps and the bantustans in the West Bank that are all too aware of who the terrorists, who the murderers and who the thieves are.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim
Very clever comparison between
Nazi Germany and Israel.
Anyway you know well that some people may accuse you of anti-semitism, don't you?
thank you!
Jordan Jordanovich

Anonymous said...

fail to see how the comment is anti-semitic. it is anti-zionist and anti-brainwashing newspeak!