Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Nationalism, which was a movement for positive social change was corrupted at the end of French bayonets when the armies of Napoleon took the ideology across the Rhine. The sleeping beauty of the 18th century was to raise its head as a not so nice person after the 1848 revolutions before turning into an ugly monster in the 20th century.
Actions are followed by reactions and one can but speculate on what the Zionists have spawned in Gaza this week. The post, "Pyrrhic Victory" has an inappropriate title; it was not even that. To win, Israel had to break Palestinian resistance, and it failed. Indeed, the evidence would seem to suggest that the Palestinians are united as never before. Moreover, unable to break the resistance, what has Israel done? It has, as it did in the Lebanon two and a half years ago, done what it does best, it has killed innocents.
Certainly, Israel has still the capacity to inflict terrible suffering on the Palestinian people but there are two things that Gaza brings home. Firstly, the Palestinian resistance is not going to go away and secondly, the support that Israel once enjoyed in the West is beginning to crumble. The problem is that just as the Napoleonic bayonets that crossed the Rhine culminated in the excesses of National Socialism, so too is a reaction to be expected in Palestine. It is not only Israel who has lost but also the so-called "moderates". Today, all Palestinians are 'Hamas" and today the resistance is 'Hamas', the 'Islamic Jihad' and the 'Hezbollah'. The Zionist state has failed and in the process of failing it is in the process of producing a monster of its own, a monster that will eventually gobble it up. There is much in favour of the argument that for the Jewish people to have a home in the region, it is time for them to give up the Zionist state in favour of an all inclusive state. Perhaps, if this were to happen, we might just be spared an Islamic beelzebub taking the place of the Zionist deamon.

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