Monday, January 19, 2009

A Pyrrhic Victory

There was an interesting comment a few days ago in the 'Jerusalem Post' from a Palestinian Christian living in Jordan. Now, it can be assumed that a Palestinian Christian in the Jordan is doing alright. He or she will belong to a relatively well integrated minority that is well represented both politically and in the middle and upper classes. Therefore, this particular Palestinian's comments that "'Hamas' cannot be defeated because we are all 'Hamas'", while adding that "they (the Israelis) really don't get it and that the bones of his grandfather lie under Palestine.", if nothing else, put the lie into perspective that the horror that rained down in Gaza is about 'Hamas" or about Israel's right to exist.
As John Pilger rightly contends this is about the opposite; it is about the Palestinians right to exist as a people and an ongoing attempt for the last sixty one years to cancel that right and a policy of ethnic cleansing, murder and genocide that has accompanied that attempt.(1) Of course, they will not be successful and, should the state of Israel fail to become a truely democratic inclusive state for all of its people, should there be no effort on its part to make amends for the crimes it has committed, should Zionism not disappear as the racist ideology that it is, then the Jewish state will share the fate of the last crusader stronghold in Akka and Qisariya for as the Palestinian Christian says, "we are all 'Hamas'.

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