Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blog at Breakfast in Sevilla

Beginning to discover some nice little things here in Sevilla; i.e. a number of cafes with wireless connections dot the streets that lead the way down to the school I will be visiting over the next two months and that means a nice ham sandwich, which I then sprinkle with olive oil, and a good coffee before starting my day properly.
This morning a friend directed me to a link in Munich's 'Abendzeitung' and it only helped to bring home that certainly not all Jews and even a lot of Israelis do not give their support unconditionally to Israel. One tends to talk about Finkelstein, Chomsky, Pappe et al, however, many less well known Jewish people are just as sick to the teeth of the Zionist state's shennanigans as I am. The lady being interviewed, a Judith Bernstein, by 'Die Abendzeitung' says, " Israel behauptet ja immer, für die Juden zu sprechen. Aber dagegen wehre ich mich" (Israel always maintains that it speaks for Jews, but I refuse to accept that).(1) She, however, went further and extended her criticism beyond the Zionist state to the German government, which believes that not matter what it has to side with Israel. Of course, this might be seen as a natural because of Germany's "Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung" (facing up to the past). It is , however, more than that and when it comes to siding with the "winner" the government of the Federal Republic is not going to make too many waves and forget the contrived opposition to the war in Iraq. The government in Berlin is as aware of the power politics as their zany Zionist friends. It is up to the people of Germany to ensure that if nothing else, at least their "Realpolitik" will not see them adopt that sort of destructive "machiavellism" that their Zionst chums are practicing down in Gaza. A "machiavellism" that would, indeed, put them beyond the pale and a "machiavellism" that people like Ms Bernstein would rightly criticise.
The picture was taken at breakfest in the little cafe near my house this morning.

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