Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Public Admission Israel tells America what it has to do

There is what is actually quite an incredible story doing the rounds at the moment; according to the 'Jerusalem Post', Ehud Olmert claimed that he had told the US President George W. Bush to ensure that Condoleezza Rice at least abstained from voting on UN resolution 1860. Do you rember that is the resolution that Israel doesn't feel obliged to follow. Oh right, you thought Israel didn't follow any UN resolutions!
Anyway, Olmert claims the he
demanded to speak to Bush on the phone and when he was told that Bush was in the middle of giving a speech in Philadelphia. he said that he didn't care adding, 'I need to talk to him now." Bush then apparently got off of the podium and spoke to him. He then added that "she (Rice) was left pretty embarrassed".(1) The State Department and the White House later said that the story isn't true but whatever the truth in it, and it is true, it must dispel any last remaining absurd belief that America can be a broker in the Palestine. The still Israeli Prime Minister tells the still American President what he has to do and in the process embarrasses not only his Secretary of State but the whole of the American administration?
These people are not only clowns they are dangerous, very dangerous, clowns and this was further evidenced by Bush's last press conference yesterday along the lines; alright, we didn't find weapons of mass destruction and that has got to be a disappointment.(2) Doesn't this imbecile realise that if they had had weapons of mass destruction they would have used them. What a joke, a bad, bad joke!

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