Sunday, January 18, 2009

Has Ntaganda won the power struggle in the CNDP?

The news coming out of the Congo is that Bosco Ntaganda appears to have won the power struggle with Laurent Nkunda.(1) With Ntaganda wanted by the ICC for war crimes it might just be that his signing a peace deal in Goma in front of the Congolese Interior Minister is an indication of him cutting some sort of deal. That, of course, might suggest that, while a war criminal might be escaping justice, there is, nevertheless, reason to be happy. Could it be that the killing has stopped. Where, however, is Nkunda and what are his intentions? It might be that he has lost the backing of Kagame in Kigali and that in turn might mean that Kagame has reached some arrangement with Kabila in Kinshasa. One wonders, if we will be hearing in the next few days that the DRC has recinded on its arrangement with China and one might also wonder what strings "Uncle Sam" is pulling in the background.
Regional and international power politics, and the fact that a rather nasty man might be escaping justice, aside, the people in Goma could just have reason to be happy today. The only question that remains is Nkunda able and does he have the military clout to continue fighting without Kigali's backing and the Bosco faction in the CNDP? Move over Joseph Kony, now you really do have competition!

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