Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Joe Soap"

The death toll in Gaza has gone past 1,000 with American hardware and Zionist soldiers killing just about everyone and anyone and with Hamas still firing rockets one would suspect that Hamas are keeping most of their fighters for the struggle ahead with Fatah. There is talk of peace with the Hamas representative having already been in Cairo and the Israelis in the process of going there. One might expect that we will have a, more or less, return to the status quo after the indiscriminate murder has finished and the on-going ethnic cleansing and bit by bit genoicide in Palestine will continue as it stops being front page news for a time. Down the road in the not-too-distant future we will have innocent men, women and children being murdered in Ramallah or Jenin or Beruit or wherever and whenever our spoiled little Zionist brat decides they have to die and Gaza, well "Joe Soap" will be asking, "weren't they also bombing in Gaza a couple of years ago?" "Ms Soap" never wanting for an answer though will be quick to point out that that was different and that Palestinian terrorists were bombing Israel. It really is almost hopeless, isn't it? With what is, possibly, the biggest sting in the history of mankind having been going on since 1948, with the theft, maiming, murdering, massacring and humiliation continuing Joe and his missus wouldn't know a fact if it were staring them in the face. Very sad, very, very sad!

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