Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just getting on with it

Interesting pictures in the 'Guardian' under the headline, "Gaza; After the ceasefire" and one is struck by the eeyrie normality; how it is case of just getting back to your life and just getting
on with it.(1) And I am forced to think of Livni's disgraceful whining when she went on about how people live in the south of Israel under a constant barrage of rockets and have been doing so for eight years and how it was something no democracy could tolerate. The great news from Gaza is that the people are not broken and a modicum of deduction might inform us that should the whiners be exposed to a fraction of the suffering that has been imposed on the Palestinian people then the Zionist entity will collapse like a house of cards. This is a war that Israel cannot win.
The picture above shows some little boys just getting on with it.

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