Friday, January 23, 2009


The Spanish get up too late, they allow smoking in bars and the proprieter decides when to open his or her cafe even when there the opening time is written on the door, and it is about fifteen minutes past that time and a customer is standing outside.
The news coming out of the Congo is that Laurent Nkunda has crossed over into Rwanda where he has been arrested. It might be that his old mate Kagame will treat him with kid gloves. What it does, however, mean is that Kagame has struck a deal with the DRC and what that in turn means that somewhere in there we have the Americans protecting their interests. Might we hear in a few days time that Kabila in Kinshasa has decided to pull out of his deal with the Chinese? We shouldn´t be surprised if Bosco Ntaganda and the CNDP have struck a deal that will allow them to continue at least some of their shenanigans, while ensuring that the good General has about as much chance of ending up in the Hague as the zany Zionists and Bush, Cheney, Rice and company have. In the meantime the very mad Joseph Kony appears almost as elusive as Lord Lucan once was and one can only speculate as to his "usefulness" in the area.
It is a mad, mad world and all of a sudden Spain seems like an oases of reason even when the internet pages don´t download in the cafe despite the connection being, "excellent".

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