Monday, January 26, 2009

Lubanga in the Hague

There is an article in the 'Guardian' on the ICC indictment of Thomas Lubanga; the former head of the Union of Congolese Patriots (UPC) is accused of an array of crimes in his own country, including, rape, torture, recruiting child soldiers.(1) Well, it offers some hope and who knows Kony, Nkunda, Ntaganda and a few others might also find their way to the Hague. However, who ends up in the Hague and who doesn't won't be decided by the ICC itself but in the first instance by a more important criminal syndicate that includes, Kabila in Kinshasa, Kagame in Kigali and Kampala's main man Museveni and, ultimately, by the real criminals in Washington, London and Paris who make all of this happen. Of course, we won't see any of them being indicted, the murder, rape and torture will continue and I am reminded of the little joke; "What happens when the pope dies?" "Up popes another one" and with that over to the "hope and peace" man in the White House.

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