Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another so-called "expert"

Alastair Crook, the Director and founder of the Conflicts Forum, seems a nice enough guy. However, his comments on the Middle East are, to put it mildly, more than a trifle inadequate and so it is that in Aljazeera today he is quoted as saying, "We're moving into a new era in the region. What we see is that the United States and Europe are ebbing out of the region and there is going to be no colonial power that is going to step in. Russia and China may play a role in a trade sense, but they are not stepping in to play a political role."(1) Europe, Mr Crook, has never been particularly involved in the region and do you really believe that the United States are "ebbing out of the region"? With an American naval task force in the Gulf of Aden looking for Iranian arms ships that are supposedly off to re-equip 'Hamas'(2) and with the "hope and change" man failing to mention the slaughter in Gaza, while telling us how Israel was only acting like any democratic country would do if it were bombed and that “he "was deeply concerned by the loss of Palestinian and Israeli life in recent days,"(3) the evidence would seem to suggest that the United States is as much involved in supporting the zany Zionists as it has ever been. Or does not Obama know that some 1,400 Palestinians died and that of the 13 Israelis who died ten of them were soldiers who were killed while they were killing? The farce, the nonsense, continues!
Of course, Mr Crook, is not the expert he is supposed to be and, despite his appearing to be a nice enough guy, his so-called "think tank" would appear to be just one more of those wooly thinking institutions of the sort that the zany Zionists can quite easily accommodate and Mr Crook, in case you didn't know it, those Zionists are sitting in Washington and Jerusalem. "The United States are ebbing out of the region." What a wonderul thought and when they do, the Zionist state will be ebbing out of the region too.

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