Saturday, January 31, 2009

Neglecting Our Duty

It is sometimes difficult to escape Palestine. Of course, the atrocities taking place in Myanmar, in the DRC, in Colombia and elsewhere are as bad and sometimes worse in their scale. Nevertheless, there is an extra personal insult that comes with the situation in Palestine and that makes it more immediate for many of us; the amount of coverage it receives and the way it is covered ensure that it is not only the crimes that are being committed by the Israelis that disturb us, but that our intelligences feel insulted, while an attack on one of our most valued rights, the right to speak our mind, also takes place. It is not only the chutzpah of the oppressors, their continual whining to all and sundry that they, the oppressors, are the victims, it is also their temerity, their gall, to actually think that we swallow the nonsense and they become particularly offensive when they spout their codswallop about their being a democracy, an integral part of western civilisation, surrounded by "terrorists", when they, in fact, perpetrate the real terrorism and employ their Zionist affiliated Jewish Councils abroad to prevent any free speech, which might be used to criticise them.
Yes, certainly there are atrocities on the scale of Palestine elsewhere. However, can you imagine groups friendly to the DRC or the military junta in Myanmar having the audacity to protest against citizens in the west who go onto the streets to demonstrate against events in those places. Well, they might try to do so but they would, of course, be ignored and that is the point, it really is time to ignore the Zionists, their lies, their drivel, their whining; it really is time to ignore them and do everything we can to stop the theft, maiming and murdering that they have been perpetrating since they arrived in Palestine not so long ago. To not do so, not only means that we are neglecting our duty to the Palestinian people, but it also means that we are neglecting our duty to ourselves. It is time for the story to be told as it is.

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