Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bibi talks to Tzipi

Well it would appear that Netanyahu has managed to get Livni into talks after all, although we are assured that the 'Kadima' Chairwoman won't compromise her "peace path".(1) Tzipi about a month ago was on the "peace path" in Gaza. The newspeak grows absurder by the day and we might after all be in for a little bit more of the usual Zionist whining drivel of ..... "we offered them a hole in the ground on the outskirts of Jenin, but they wouldn't take it', "we wanted peace, really, really we did, but they asked us to obey international law." Bellicose Bibi might just be going into a coalition with the "lady of peace", the murderer of children, Tzipi Livni. Anyway, here are the statistics; 'Kadima' have 28 of the 120 seats and 'Likud' 27. Oh right, I hear you asking; how can they form a coalition? Well they then get the little parties to join in, Zionists to a man, and woman, all of them, of course, and is anyone asking about the Palestinian 20% of the population that has been effectively disenfranchised? "Democracy" and the band did, indeed, play, "believe it if you like."
The wee picture shows Bibi and Tzipi and the odds of them forming the next fascist government in the Jewish state have just increased.

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