Saturday, February 21, 2009

Robert Fisk in today's 'Independent'

Robert Fisk appears to be picking up on my theme from yesterday when he writes, "But those Palestinians who believe that Lieberman should be in a Netanyahu administration – on the grounds that the “true” face of Israel would then be clear to all Americans – are being a little premature. Obama is not going to change the US relationship with Israel. American foreign policy – like that of most states – is based not on justice but on power."(1) My respect for Mr Fisk as a journalist is based not only on his objectivity but also on his humanity. Nevertheless, while I agree with what he is saying with respect to the "hype" man, I would argue that that is not the point and that there is a reality beyond not only Israel but also beyond the United States. Of course, we are treading on dangerous ground if we think the United States can be ignored, it is far too important for that and, yes, we would be strangely delusional to think that the United States of America, whatever the government in Israel, is going to stop supporting the Zionist cause. Yes, Robert Fisk is right, Obama is not going to change the US relationship with Israel. However, I still think that a Netanyahu-Lieberman coalition will at least reveal to a lot of people in the United States and elsewhere just what a farce all of this is and remember, more settlements were built when Ehud Barak' was the Prime Minister than under the last Netanyahu administration and these settlements were built when the world wasn't looking. With Bibi at the helm it will be very difficult for the world not to be aware of what is really happening. Moreover, while power does dictate American politics, there are two things worthy of consideration. Firstly, there is public opinion in the United States and, with American tax dollars being openly spent to build illegal settlements on someone else's land, that public opinion might begin to put pressure on the halls of power in Washington. Moreover, that power might be on the wane and if the day of reckoning is just around the corner, at least, with Bibi and the sphinx of Minx, we won't have to be confronted with the whining turdid drivel ..... "we only wanted to live in peace with our neighbours", "Israel is a very small country, surrounded by enemies", "we had to defend ourselves." Bibi will not do anything that any of the other Zionists haven't been doing but our Bibi is such an farcical arrogant lump that he will not even try to disguise what he is doing. That can only be a good thing!

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