Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Elections in Absurdistan

The Zionists have had their little rigmarole with both Livni and Netanyahu claiming victory and the questions remain, will Likud form a government with the extreme right wing Yisrael Beiteinu Chairman Avigdor Lieberman or will she go into coalition with the extreme right wing Netanyahu, or will Netanyahu form a government with the no scruples, whinning, murderer of men, women and children, Livni or will he prefer a coalition with our fascist "friend", Lieberman, and will there be a place in all of this for the our little zionist nonentity, Barak? What a farce, what a farce!
Now, whatever happens down in "Absurdistan", "Zionistan", "Eretz Israel", call it what you like, one thing is for sure, they will all be doing their level best not to talk to 'Hamas". Do you remember 'Hamas'? Well, it was they who, back in January 2006, won 76 of the 132 seats in Palestinian elections and who, according to some weird zionist logic, have illegally seized power from the PA. Of course, the cynic in me might just suspect that they were voted into power by a Palestinian electorate, which might just have been exercising that real democratic choice, namely, choosing an alternative and in this case an alternative to a corrupt Fatah that had already sold its soul for Israeli gold and the illusion, that was "Oslo". Of course, apart from anything else, the last thing our zany zionists want is strange ideas, like real democracy, spreading. After all, they might all just wake up one morning and realise that their "Jewish state" is surplus to requirements.

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