Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Fascists arrive in Seville

The Thursday morning after and Seville has woken up to a not too serious hangover; the English were here for the football "friendly" against Spain, David Beckham got his 108th cap, England got beaten 2-0, the town was left more, or less, intact.
No big surprises then, that is if you did not see the scum yesterday that appears to accompany an English sports team on its travels. Now if Her Majesty's government were to make a certain mental maturity a criteria for getting a passport; well, they would not be allowed on the boat, would they? Still, one should not complain too much and as I said ,the town has been left, more or less, intact. Still I would like to finish this short piece by giving you a little example of what those morons are capable of.
For some weeks now, these massive posters of various "special" editions of the local newspaper throughout its history have been put into tasty class cases around the cathedral area and you have the locals standing there reading about Kennedy's assassination, Franco's death, Armstrong landing on the moon, the first elections after Franco's death, Seville FC winning the UEFA cup etc etc. The one that caught my eye was an edition where the German representative to Spain was obviously trying to induce the wily fascist Franco to join their not so wily enterprise in world domination. The historian in me, aroused, was induced to take a photo of it. Anyway, there was me yesterday having another look at it and, lo and behold, some scum from the island appears to have had his little moment of inspiration and hurled a brick through the casing.
The irony, of course, was not lost on me and here was a poster with a picture of the wily fascist Franco and the not so wily fascist Adolf being attacked by a third fascist and really what this third fascist made me realise was that when clowns like him get into power it really does become hell on earth for all and sundry.
Brute force, violence, disrespect for your fellows, not interested in discussing, intolerance, xenophobia, pig ignorance, it is all still there and it visited Seville yesterday. Thank God, it is on its way home.
The pictures show the poster before and after the English fans arrived in Seville.

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