Sunday, February 8, 2009

Israeli "Democracy"

Following the Israeli elections is a bit like following the American elections; the almost infantile assumption that there is an alternative, which the mainstream media tries to cultivate, could have you laughing your head off, if it were not so tragic and there is the 'Guardian' today, with a little video and report about the Arab town of Umm al-Fahm and the Israeli politician, Avigador Lieberman, who wants to transfer all "Israeli Arabs" to a future Palestinian state. Mind you there was a nice little touch in it where a young politically minded Arab says, "Who is Lieberman to say to me that I should be part of the West Bank? I speak Hebrew better than he does. I know Jewish culture better than he does. I got the highest score in Jewish history when I matriculated. I doubt he even studied Jewish history. I work together with Jews in Tel Aviv. We are the ones who are building the state together not him. It is not for Lieberman to say, 'You are a bad Arab and you are a good Arab. Who should stay and who should go. He will not decide who I am," he insists. "I will decide who he is."(1) As I said I would laugh, applaud, praise the young Arab, if it were not so tragic.
The problem is not, of course, Avigador Lieberman, it is the Zionist state and, while a trend whereby Lieberman's views are becoming increasingly "salonfähig" in Zionists rags, such as 'Jerusalem Post ', is relatively new, those views only express what is "a priori" the "raison d'etre" of the Jewish state. Indeed, the so-called "left wing" historian, Benny Morris recently said that it was a mistake by Ben Gurion not to have completed the ethnic cleansing of the Arabs from Palestine in 1948.(2) Make no mistake about it in the Jewish state there is no "democracy" and no real choice.

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