Saturday, February 7, 2009

Twenty Square Metres in Spain

Originally, I had the pseudonym, "the Traveler", for this blog; it appears to have got lost, disappeared, been changed somewhere along the road between the beginning of May 2008 until now. Well, no regrets there as it has become a sort of a conundrum, especially, during the last four weeks, which have seen me cooped up in 20 square metres in the centre of Seville. Anyway, no longer content with my "cafe con leche" in the little cafe in Alemeda, the little ten minute walk into town and the next 'cafe con leche', the watching the football in 'Flaherty's', the once a week film in English, no longer content with the daily routine and my twenty square metres of Spain that are my appartment, I hired a car yesterday and took myself off to have a look at not unfamiliar distant scenes and Jerez de la Fronterra looks much as it did six years ago and today Cordoba is a sort of a déjà vu even if it is not nearly as warm as it was then. Away from China, towns don't really change much. Oh, and in Spain they still puff their poison and in an almost pedantical manner they adopt an air polluting posture that seems to signify that smokers here still have the bragging rights.
WIFI has arrived though and that means, smokers or not, "Global Jimmy" finds himself spending hours in a Cafe when a few years back, he would have envisaged coming up for air as entailing doing something like looking at the "Mezquita". Well, I will have a glance at it on the way back to the car before I drive back to Seville. No, I won't stay overnight; what is the point? After all, my twenty square metre appartment has a wireless connection and there is nobody there who might just blow smoke in my face.
The picture shows a street in Cordoba, which I passed before getting into this cafe. Still to see the Mezquita.

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