Friday, February 20, 2009

Netanyahu to be the next Israeli Prime Minister

Apparently the President picks the Prime Minister to form the government in Israel and the little farce of a man, Shimon Peres, has offered the job to Netanyahu. Can anything good to come out of this? Well, Tzipi Livni has already rejected Bibi's offer of a broad coalition and her possibly becoming the Foreign Minister and it looks like the new Prime Minister might have to look at offering the very "loopy" 'Yisrael Beiteinu' Chairman, Avigdor Lieberman, the sphinx from Minsk, a top job in his cabinent. Oh, and what is good about that? Well, if nothing else, it would appear that our zany Zionists will find it a little bit more difficult over the next couple of years to hide their true intentions; the continued ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the creation of a "Palestinian national state" on the West Bank ........ of the Ganges.

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