Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama declares the end for Iraq war

According to Chomsky the term, "military-industrial complex" is a misnomer because the phenomenon in question "is not specifically military." He claims, "There is no military-industrial complex: it's just the industrial system operating under one or another pretext (defence was a pretext for a long time)."(1) Whatever, whatever, and one thing is for sure, whatever and whoever the "hope and change" man is serving, whichever interests he represents, it is not the interests of those who saw him as a vehicle for genuine change. The troops will be leaving Iraq by August 2010 but they won't all be leaving until the end of 2011 and forgive me for being skeptical but let us wait and see and when they leave they might find themselves going east rather than west and ending up in Kabul and Khandhar rather than Kansas and Kentucky. Let us please get a couple of things clear, for the powers that control the President of the United States, it is much of a muchness where the jarheads are, moreover, the pentagon buys and the war industry sells, and whether the dead are on the outskirts of Bagram or Bagdhad, in Basra or Beruit, it is business as usual and the only thing that will come out of Washington is not hope but a different version of the hype.

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