Thursday, February 26, 2009

Uri Dromi

In today's 'Guardian' we had another twat of a Zionist apologist traipsing out the usual Zionist drivel and telling us that, "No other army in the world goes to such lengths to try not to hurt civilians. Yet once a military operation is launched, and especially in a heavily populated area such as Gaza, things happen. Was there a disproportionate use of force? The IDF is checking it. Was there misuse of white phosphorous or flechettes? Again, Israel, as a vibrant democracy, is investigating the matter thoroughly".(1) Why does the press print their garbage? Well, it prints their garbage because if it is not "their" press, it appears to be at least obliging to "them". Here is a man who served for twenty five years in the Israeli Air Force, who is a staunch Zionist, who is a member of various dubious Zionist organisations and who regularly writes the absurdest of drivel and who gets the kind of publicity that we quite rightly normally deny to fools, liars and hypocrites of his ilk. That is, of course, unless. they happen to be from the absurdly oxymoronic "Jewish Democracy" and here we are giving a platform to Mr Dromi and the rest of that merry myriad of Zionist nutters who deny the evidence of their crimes at every turn. These people are nothing but lying, murdering, thieves and it is surely time to expose them as such.

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