Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rwandan Army in DRC

There was a lot of scepticism when Nkunda was "arrested" in Rwanda. Where is he now? Wherever he is, I haven't heard that he is heading for the Hague and it could very well be that he is lying low and waiting to reappear should the situation ever warrant it. It doesn't for the time being and whatever the deal Kagame has cut with Kabila, one thing is for sure and that is they are right not to be too happy about Rwandan troops being allowed to enter the DRC. Kagame certainly has designs on the minerals in North Kivu.
With the DRC and Rwanda officially working together, former enemies have become friends and former friends have become enemies and we have a very strange twist in this bloody conflict. A conflict, which now sees Kabila invite the same Rwandan Army into his country that has invaded it twice before in its hunt to surpress the Hutu militias operating under the guise of the FDLR. On both occassions the invasions were disastrous for locals, with Rwandans accused of large-scale civilian massacres.(1) This time it will not be any different and we don't have to take Kinshasa's "end of February" deadline for the Rwandans to complete their operations too seriously. The evidence would appear to suggest that Rwanda has moved a step closer in taking over the control of the mineralrich North Kivu province and that can only be good news for Washington.
In the meantime, Joseph Kony is still here there and everywhere but not behind bars, Bosco Ntaganda is wearing a DRC army uniform, Nkunda is probably sitting in Kigali watching Manchester United on television, and there are only badies in this war a war, which the West can only profit from.

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