Saturday, February 14, 2009


Based on documents supplied by Amnesty International, the 'Guardian" today is reporting a murder campaign by 'Hamas' with the aim of clamping down on any opposition to their "rule". The report is is almost certainly true and, the latest evidence corroborates witness accounts and an investigation by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights.(1) Nevertheless, while it might sound strange, it is almost irrelevant and more relevant is what Mowaffaq Alami, 36, a Palestinian working for a civil society organisation, says, not when he is speaking about how he has been forced to leave Gaza because of intimidation and threats but when he gives almost unconscious reference to the state of Palestine and Palestinian resistence today. He said, "Politicians and the media think that there is a simple division between Gaza and the West Bank, between Hamas and Fatah ... The majority of the Palestinian people today are with none of them."(2) This, of course, is what the zionists want and it is the all part and parcel of a time immemorial policy of "divide and rule". The last thing Israel wants to see is a united strong Palestinian leadership.
Of course, Israel will deem all of the various fractions and parties, except the one that they can squeeze completely, irrelevant, terrorist, illegal, and, of course, a barrier to peace. They will then invite a few sycophants to a "peace conference" and then send them back to their "Bantustan", the borders of which Israel will decide, once it knows what to do with the one and a half million Palestinians who are a result of Ben Gurion's failure in 1948. The new "government" of "Palestine" will then park their mercedes s-class cars outside their offices, from where they will police "their state" to the satisfaction of the Israeli authorities.
Yes, the last thing the Zionists want is a strong united Palestinian leadership, one that also speaks for the Palestinians in the diaspora, one that would get back to resolutions 194 and 242 as the basis of any negotiation. The sad thing is that some Palestinians appear to be facilitating just what Israel wants and this at a time when it is all too obvious that Zionists have a common cause and a common goal. Still, has it ever been any different?
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Anonymous said...

Great article, but as we both know, that 'Truth' has lost & devalued its currency in the middle east, and obscured reality (nae more like camoflaged reality) is the norm. Surreal?

I wonder what President Obama would say about Israeli tactics in Gaza?

If I was Him, I would stop all aid money to Israel, I would defang them, to allow the poorest of the poor Palistinians who are no angels either, to build a stronger leadership structure, as it is apparent that Hamas can't control the firing of rockets into Israel?

If the rockets stop peace will bloom like daffodils in spring.

The Israelis have got to realise that the Europeans hate them for the bully boy tactics, we hate them for robbing our tax payers every year to rebuild the damage they inflict on the poor. The worlds people hate them, why the fuck are we subsidising these neo Nazis to hammer people with nothing. I'll tell you, we in the west are demonstrating weakness, why because the Israelis have us by the balls, time to cut off their influence & our balls can breath again?

It is no surprise that Hamas recieve funding from Iran, any decent human group of people would do the same.

Its time the world showed who's boss, if it means a second Jewish holocost in the middle east by standing back and letting natural order take place, then it would surprise no one, most people would I suspect look the other way due to all the damage inflicted by Israel on people who have nothing over the last 50 years.

Who cares about Jerusalem, it would be interesting here to carry out a poll among europeans as to whether the loss of Israel would matter to them, and could we trust Muslims to preserve any Christian sites of interest? We probobly could although this is far from certain.

Perhaps its time to educate the worlds poor, by explaining that all religion means it is man made & should not be followed to extremes as this will become their own prison in their own heads if they do so. Don't trust religious leaders who keep you down, sounds like common fucking Good Article Jim..

From a former supporter and now sickened by Israel and all it fucking stands for, either it changes itself or we force change on them....using Democratic taxpayer funded ordinance...