Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Zany Zionists, Space Cadets and Neo-Nazis

Now, the lesson of the holocaust, of the Armenian genocide, of the killing fields of Cambodia, of East Timor, of Srebenica, of the madness in Africa, of all the crimes against humanity, has to be a common one and a lesson for us all, and that message has to be, even if the numbers actually murdered might become the subject of dispute, human beings cannot tolerate such horrors being perpetrated on their fellows. Nevertheless, when the Zionist controlled media starts their little witch hunt on the "holocaust deniers" it is neither out of an altruistic concern for Jews living in what our zany Zionists would term the diaspora, nor is it out of some respect for the millions who were murdered at Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sachsenhausen and elsewhere. No, it is because of that Machiavellianism that is "a priori" the Jewish state's raison d'etre; a Machiavellianism founded on the uniqueness of the holocaust and an absurd biblical claim to the land of Israel. Take away, that "crime beyond comparison", and the house of Zion is beginning to look more like a house of cards and who knows the idea of an all inclusive democratic society in the region might gain ground.
Of course, the David Irvings and Richard Williamsons of this world are, at least, as important to the Zionists as Netanyahu, Livni, Peres, Olmert, Barak and the rest of the "hard done by", whiners. There is Irving with his talking tours that take him all over, and over, and over, little halls in Central Europe; little halls full of raving neo-nazis and invariably outside the main urban centres. Then, there is Williamson a full space cadet in the Society of St Pius X, or SSPX, the ultra-conservative breakaway Catholic faction founded by Lefebvre in 1970 to counter the liberalism of the second Vatican council. Yes, you read correctly, "to counter the "liberalism" of the second Vatican council." The mind really does boggle. Can Irving and Williamson be taken seriously? That is just it, they cannot and so it is with anyone who challenges the zany Zionists and their raison d'etre. They really have got it sussed, haven't they? Indeed, it is something of a surprise that Messrs Khalidi, Chomsky, Finkelstein and Pappe are still being heard in real academic institutions. In the meantime, down Palestine way, the Zionists have built themselves a "nice" little fascist state and elsewhere too the rouble is rolling for them in, what Dr Finkelstein terms, "the holocaust industry". Quite a little business they have and if anyone upsets it, in any way, they are going to be pushed into a little corner along with the Williamsons and Irving, but only if we let them.

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