Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back in Fürstenfeldbruck

Bloody cold here in Munich and I have been told that they had snow a couple of days ago. It all sort of belies my theory about Europe being a small continent. There was me in Seville this morning, up to Madrid on the "AVE", a hop skip and a jump, or rather a short flight to Munich, and before you can say, "bob's yer uncle", or something similarly ridiculous, there was me home.
Anyway, memories are short and Seville is already receeding into the "pasado" so before it quite does a quick reminiscing; flat was hardly immense, the course was extremely intense, enjoyed myself even if I didn't quite have a ball, sun was fun and up I would get, a spring in my step and stop, as a rule, on my way to the school for a "bocadilo con jamon", then I was gone, down to CLIC where I should have studied a bit more, if it wasn't to be such a bore but I am actually grateful to Terry who, thanks to skype, saved me from a certain Scott Thornbury; now he appears to be an anal fixated smarty, the type of guy you would want to avoid at a party. However, I am being a bit unkind and also not helping myself as I'll have to find, by June at the latest, something useful he said, in short; I will have to get him into my head or at least skim and scan his 'Beyond the Sentence' or I am afraid that for ego there will be a period of penitence.
The people on the course were nice, but I won't say that twice, for at fifty three you can get terribly frantic if you still demonstrate tendencies towards the incurable romantic. However, they were really alright; there was a good mix and no need to fight. It was, however, yes, you've guessed, the city that impressed, you see it is pretty small but really it has got it all; the cafes are grand, the girls anything but bland and in the evening you can sometimes see them dance, or you can just walk around Triana in a trance and if there is a member of the opposite sex on hand, I am quite sure you can even indulge in romance. Moreover, at the end of the day, I just have to say that the Spanish are generally nice folk, it is just a pity that even the babies smoke. Still, joking aside I don't want to deride the pleasures of living in a city that for many fits the bill, the Andalucian capital, the city of Seville.
Nevertheless, now I am home but already I am thinking of Rome, Rangoon, Rwanda, Ramallah, Rawalpindi and Reims or, to be more to the point, of distant scenes, of the "quo vadis" I am not sure but I am almost certain that it won't be dour, it most definitely won't be the Kingdom of Saud and it might very well be somewhere quite loud, anyway, I will keep you posted with all the news and informed of the place I choose and, if anyone thinks that ego is a phoney, you might be surprised by an interview with Kony although for the Democratic Republic of the Congo I am probably too much of a whiner and my good sense is more likely to land me back in China.
For the next days, maybe weeks, however, I am back home and Munich is really on a par with Rome, indeed, I would even say it is right up there with the best in Spain that, is of course, providing it doesn't rain. Anyway, I will say "ciao", there is a cup of tea waiting for me now and all of a sudden the coming and going is par for the course and on leaving Spain there is no remorse. Well, maybe I should have skyped less with Terry and got a bit more interested in a certain Thornbury but the man, to use Bavarian dialect, is hardly a "gaudi" and .... if I take him seriously I really could go to Saudi where I can chat to the Arabs with their "hamdillah", which is not unlike Scott's "blah, blah, blah", both represent deductive trite and to tell you the truth they are close to ........... Anyway, good night!

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DonaghMcAuley said...

Glad to hear you got home safely. Nice little rhyme you've got going there.