Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good News from Seville

Another "no news day" and the sun is really setting its foot in Seville. One of these walk around town days, caught the Manchester United versus Liverpool game in 'Flaherty's', Manchester United suffered their heaviest - 1-4 - home defeat in yonks, and then there was the rugby with Jockland going down 15-22 to Paddyland. A rather pleasant day rounded off in a big tent on the Alemeda, chatting, chanting and chomping with "chums". One week left in Seville and i am beginning to discover just what a pleasant city it is.
And the news? Well, I see at that Tzipi and Bibi are trying to get it together down Palestine way, three men have been arrested in connection with the killing of two British soldiers in Northern Ireland, Wen Jiabao has been meeting the press in Beijing and what about this one, "a girl who was decapitated 700 years ago will get a church burial."(1) Bet she will be tickled pink about that and really, sometimes these "no news days" are just good news.

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