Sunday, March 15, 2009

Historical Reference and the Revolution eats its Children

After weeks of exposure to, among other things, anaphoric, exaphoric, cataphoric and deictic reference, today was a welcome reminder that my real referencing is historical and there they all were marching through the streets, waving their flags and they were not a kick in the arse off of mounting the barricades and what do you do with a couple of thousand people demonstrating for a wee bit more money? They cannot just be shot, can they? Well, not in Spain today and how some of the conservative little catholic people looking on must have wished for a return to the good old days of the Generallisimo and my mind drifted to what might happen if there is a similar demonstration over in Beijing and that has to be the point. In there among the workers demonstrating for better wages and better conditions, in there among a mass of union flags and banners, there were little PCE flags to be seen here and there and there was me thinking there is a healthy body at large in Andalucia, one that is prepared to go onto the streets and demonstrate for its rights but within this healthy body there is already a cancerous element and when the barricades are mounted, the revolution successful and the red flag flying high, the union leaders will go the same way as Danton, as Andres Nin*, as the hundreds of thousands who died during Mao's "hundred flowers" campaign, as the tens and tens of millions who died during the Cultural Revoloution, as the millions of good party members who died in Stalin's Gulag labour camps; yes, "La révolution dévore ses enfants" but please don't let that deter you from demonstrating.
* Spanish POUM leader who was "arrested" and murdered by the "communists" after the "May Days" of Barcelona, in 1937
The picture shows the beginnings of the revolution in Sevilla, before they were eaten

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