Monday, March 23, 2009

Israel is shocked

A certain Thomas Schmitz, writing in today's 'Süddeutsche Zeitung' reports that Israel is shocked and disgusted by the IDF's behaviour in Gaza.(1) Of course, Thomas Schmitz, like 95% of his guild, is a mediocrity and a million miles removed from the Pilgers and Frisks of this world. He is also the type of journalist you might expect to see asking the "right" questions at a white house press conference.
However, I am not here to write about Thomas Schmitz, I am here to write about the nonsensesical nonsense that these nonentities are required to write. Israel is shocked and disgusted by the behaviour of its army? Are these the same Israelis that are shocked by the fact that they are living on someone else's land, that are shocked by the "ethnic cleansing" that began in 1948 and is continuing to this day, that are shocked by the massacres at Deir Yassin, Shatila, Shaba, Jenin, Qana and elsewhere? Furthermore, are they really surprised that "their" IDF is coming increasingly under the control of the religious rabbis who are now pumping the boys up for a little Jewish jihad? Israel is a Jewish state, it is not a state for Jews, and is it really to be wondered that a state that seeks its legitimacy in religion is ultimately going to be governed by religion.
There is no choice in or for Israel and with all and sundry appalled that Avigador Lieberman is to be the next foreign minister, we would do well to reflect that what he actually does and what he represents will be no different from what Livni did and represented. Similarly, Gaza is not unique and what about me? Well, I am shocked and disgusted that the world community not only sat back and tolerated Deir Yassin, Shatila, Shaba, Jenin, Qana etc, shocked that we tolerate the bulldozing of Palestinian homes at this very moment, that we tolerate an illegal occupation that has been going on since, at least, 1967 and, of course, shocked by the mindless pillage and slaughter that was going on in Gaza only a few weeks ago. Israel is shocked and disgusted? Don't make me laugh.
1 'Die Süddeutsche Zeitung', 23.03.2009, p1

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