Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Objective Journalism

There are certain similarities that can be drawn between the UK's 'Independent' newspaper and Israel's 'Haaretz' and one is that they each offer a platform for one particular decent objective journalist; in the case of 'Haaretz' it is Amira Hass and at the 'Independent' it is Robert Frisk. However, when you actually get to read the reports written by most of the other reporters at these newspapers you are tempted to think that those two fine journalists only get published to dress up what is 95% drivel and that they only help to make both of those newspapers "Salonfähig" to a wider "liberal" readership.
Today the 'Independent's' report on dozens of Jewish "ultranationalists" - of course, all Israelis are "ultranationalists" - marching through the Arab town of Umm el-Fahm was naive to say the least, with its pathetic "objectivity"; for instance, it reported that, "Arabs make up 20 per cent of Israel's population and, while enjoying full citizenship rights, complain of widespread racial discrimination. Some refuse to recognise Israel, which was founded in a 1948 war on what was then British-ruled Palestine."(1) The reuters' reporter is not mentioned by name, but the question has to be asked, whoever it is, what planet does he or she live on? "The Arabs" are Palestinians, that many of them live in Umm el-Fahm is because they were forced to move their after they had been "ethnically cleansed" from where they had originally lived and now they are being asked to swear an oath of allegience to a state, which has not fulfilled its international obligations regarding their right of return to their original homes. Moreover, they do not enjoy full citizenship rights and this is not about widespread racial discrimination. This is about Israel as a "Jewish state" a state for Jews and nobody else and this is about an ethnic cleansing that started in 1948 and is still going on at this very moment. That this is obvious was reflected elsewhere in this pathetic article when it was stated that "Umm el-Fahm is in an area of Israel, where many of the country's 1.5 million Arab citizens live, that ultranationalist Avigdor Lieberman wants to cede to a future Palestinian state in exchange for Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.(2)
Finally, the daily drivel that is pumped out by mediocre journalists is more than just offensive to our good tastes. It creates an "atmosphere" where a new reality is the order of the day. Indeed, we might have the "unknowning" reader thinking; "well, that seems a good idea, the Arabs get land on the West Bank in exchange for their land in Israel." We cannot call it amnesia because the general public is quite simply ignorant and the facts are; these are Palestinians living in Palestine, many of them had to move to Umm el-Fahm when they were illegally forced out of their original homes, they do not want to go to any future Palestinian "Bantustan" in the West Bank, a West Bank that is illegally occupied by the Zionists and here we have them talking about giving something that is not theirs to give for something that is not theirs to take. It really doesn't get much more ridiculous.
1 http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/clashes-as-israeli-farright-marches-in-arab-town-1652928.html
2 Ibid

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