Monday, March 16, 2009

Josef Fritzl goes on trial

The trial of Josef Fritzl, the 73 year old Austrian, who kept his daughter Elizabeth in a cellar, raped her at least three times a week and fathered her seven children, has started and there we have Josef in St Pölten, today saying, "I had a very difficult childhood. My mother didn’t want me. She was 42 when she had me. She simply didn’t want a child and she treated me correspondingly. I was beaten." (1) Right Joe off you go and confess your sins and you can go home. Seriously though, I was made to think about all the asocial, anti-social, headcases that peopled parts of Drumchapel when I was a child and I think I have heard this one before. Went something like this ..... "Yer honour, a didnae mean to kill him an anyway ma ma used ti beat me up when a wus a wean." Didn't even work back then in Glasgow and it will be interesting to see the effect that it has in Austria in 2009. Meethinks though that Joe is never going to see freedom again.

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