Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Big Fuck Up

There is news in the 'Guardian' today of the United States carrying its so-called "war on terror" further into Pakistan with the paper quoting the 'New York Times' and reporting, "that the US may push its firepower into Pakistan's vast, economically backward, Baluchistan province." The article then goes on to quote Munawar Hassan, secretary general of Jamaat-i-Islami, the biggest mainstream religious party, who said that "The United States would be pouring petrol on the 'war on terror' by these methods," "The United States has no message of peace for the world, they can only talk through arms and armaments."(1) It is, of course, all one massive "fuck up" and with the "hype" fellow promising to send some 17,000 American troops to the area, while begging his NATO allies to help in his lost cause, the farce that is the first black president of the United States is beginning to be revealed. One can only wonder when he will call, that other "fuck up", George W Bush, who, on tour in Canada this week, said, "If he (Obama) wants my help he can pick up the phone,"(2) This was the former president on his first paid speaking engagement since leaving the White House in January.(2) That is right folks; the "first paid speaking engagement" for the inarticulate, babbling, George and there he is offering the "hype" man help when, if the "hype" man had lived up to the hype, babbling George would be in prison for war crimes. Still Barack is hardly going to put anyone in prison for crimes that he himself is in the process of committing. Yes, what a pair of "fuck ups" and isn't it all just one big "fuck up", with the already suffering people in Baluchistan about to be fucked even more.

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